Information about Autoradio android features

An android autoradio brings the most useful applications of the phone and Android accessory to the car screen. You can control things like navigation, maps, calls and text messages, music, anything that is the digital display of your car. The software that communicates with the radio hardware (tuner, amp) is controlled by a firmware MCU, this means that you can only use the software provided to tuner, bluetooth phone and iPod connection. This is the reason why it is difficult to update new versions of Android on these radios, because the MCU firmware is probably not flexible or available for developers to update to match the capabilities of new Android versions according to the best online web agency. Do not risk anything even if you want to make money by saving when buying a car radio. So be careful, whatever version of Android you come with these radios, it will probably be the version that will always be on those radios.
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